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AspectWerkz 2.0 RC1 is released

· One min read

AspectWerkz team has just released the 2.0 version. The new version contains many good features from the AspectJ users' perspective :

  • AspectWerkz is now an extensible aspect container. AspectJ excels at providing a language-level support for AOP concepts and AspectWerkz excels at its integration with application servers. It seems that one can now write aspects in AspectJ and deploy using AspectWerkz's deployment technology.

  • AspectWerkz's AOP support is now more closely aligned to that implemented in AspectJ:

    • variations of the after() advice
    • percflow() aspect association
    • this(), target(), and args() pointcuts to capture join point context

The AspectWerkz team plans to address some of the remaining differences from AspectJ (cflow(), cflowbelow() etc.) in a future version. It seems like AspectJ and AspectWerkz will become nearly isomorphic -- you can write program in AspectJ or AspectWerkz and translate between them without much loss of information.

Of course, there are many AspectWerkz-specific improvements such as 20x improvement in performance and hot deployment/redeployment that got to make it more useful as an enterprise AOP solution.

This is exciting! Congratulation to the AspectWerkz team.

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