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Scale By the Bay 2021 (Online)

Developing Declarative Backends

Developing Declarative Backends

Scale By the Bay 2018 (Oakland, CA)

Scala.js in Production

Scala.js in Production

Scala Days 2018 (New York, NY)

Succeeding with Full Stack Scala

Succeeding with Full Stack Scala

SpringOne 2GX 2014 (September, 2014, Dallas, TX)

Simplify Cloud Applications using Spring Cloud Connectors

Simplify Cloud Applications using Spring Cloud Connectors

Simplify Cloud Applications using Spring Cloud Connectors

SpringOne 2GX 2013 (September, 2013, Santa Clara, CA)

Spring Scala

SpringOne 2GX 2012 (October 15-18, 2012, Washington, DC)

CloudFoundry Architecture

Cloud Foundry Architecture

What's New in Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry Open Tour 2012 San Francisco and Portland

Keynote: Framework Integration in Cloud Foundry

Scala Days 2012 (April 17-18, 2012, London, UK)

Scala Workloads in the Cloud

SpringOne 2GX 2011 (October 25-28, 2011, Chicago, IL)

Scala for Java Programmers

Cloud Foundry with Spring

Scala Days 2011 (June 2-3, 2011, Stanford, CA)

Scala and AspectJ: Approaching modularization of crosscutting functionalities

slides video

SpringOne 2GX 2010 (October 19-22, 2010, Chicago, IL

Application Development with

Understanding Data Access in

CodeCamp 2009 (October 3-4, 2009, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA)

Making sense of AOP choices

Processing annotations with AOP

SpringOne 2008 (December 1-4, 2008, Hollywood, FL)

Making Sense of AOP Choices

SpringOne 2007 (June 20-22, 2007, Antwerp, Belgium)

Advances in Aspect-Oriented Programming

Annotations and AOP

Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise (March 28-29, 2007, Philadelphia, PA)

Advances in Aspect-Oriented Programming

The Spring Experience 2006 (December 7-10, 2006, Hollywood, FL)

AspectJ for Spring Developers

Applying Domain-Driven-Design in the Enterprise with AspectJ

With Power Comes Responsibility: Avoiding AOP Pitfalls

No Fluff Just Stuff (various locations 2004-2006)

The State of AOP

Spring AOP in Depth

Domain Driven Design with AOP and DI

Testing Strategies for Web Applications

Performance Monitoring in J2EE Applications

Introduction to AOP with AspectJ

Enterprise AOP with AspectJ

AspectJ for Spring Developers

Myths and Realities of AOP

Spring 2.0 and AspectJ

Aspect oriented refactoring: Taking refactoring to a new level

Java generics in depth

SpringOne 2006 (June 15-16, 2006, Antwerp, Belgium)

Domain Driven Design with AOP and DI

SD West 2006 (March 13-17, 2006, Santa Clara, CA)

Aspect Oriented Refactoring: Taking Refactoring to a New Level

JavaPolis 2005 (December 12-16, 2005, Antwerp, Belgium)

Practical AOP

What's new in AOP

Aspect-oriented Programming: Myths and Realities

Aspect-oriented software development conference (March 14 - March 18, 2005, Chicago, IL)

Aspect-Oriented Refactoring: Taking Refactoring to a New Level

AOP with Metadata: Principles and patterns (Invited Talk)

International Association of Software Architects, San Francisco Chapter (September 30, 2004, Redwood City)

Aspect oriented architectures

O'Relly Open Source Convention, (July 26-30, 2004, Portland)

Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming and AspectJ

JavaOne conference (June 28-July 1, 2004, San Francisco)

AOP and metadata: It takes two to tango

AOSD'04 International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (March 22-26, 2004, Lancaster, UK)

aTrack: an enterprise bug tracking system using AOP (with Ron Bodkin and Dion Almaer)

Logon web days 2003 (Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Enterprise Aspect Oriented Programming for Java