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Javapolis Experience

· One min read

Just came back from the Javapolis conference. It was a busy, exhausting, but most importantly, a fun-filled week. Thanks Stephane Janssen and Frederik Santens for inviting me.

I had a pretty busy schedule: one university session, one conference session, one BOF, and three interviews. It was quite a different experience to present in a movie theater with slides projected on the whole screen. The best parts were after the talks when many attendees came by and declared themselves as "AOP converts".

Javapolis Picture

For BOF, I was up against King Kong! I wasn't expecting many to attend the BOF session. To my surprise, some hard core developers preferred intelligent discussion on myths and realities of AOP over some mindless movie! As a result, we had some great conversation.

Javapolis Picture

I had the privilege of pair-programming with Rod Johnson on a transaction management aspect. Spring 2.0's integration with AspectJ will definitely prove to be a highlight of 2006.

Looking forward to next year's Javapolis!

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